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Evolution and reliability, that lasts over time

STUDIO 1 Automazioni Industriali designs and builds complete automatic machines and plants for various production sectors. With its background of technical skills and acquired know-how, STUDIO 1 has based its success on the high technological value of the products offered and on the constant improvement, through intense research activity and targeted strategic choices and can now be defined a dynamic company able to supply automations not linked to a specific product but to a production process.

a challenge of more than 30 years

The automation of

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An open mindset geared to change and progress.

It is the challenge of automation that STUDIO 1 Automazioni Industriali s.r.l. has successfully undertaken more than 30 years ago and still continues to motivate and stimulate the company towards new solutions and optimal responses to production efficiency. If the initial idea was born from the desire to put oneself to the test and accept the challenge of automation, all subsequent objectives were ensured by an open mindset geared to change and progress.
With an eye always focused on the future, STUDIO 1 Automazioni Industriali s.r.l. bases its commitment on the primary objective of creating new products that are increasingly flexible and reliable, contributing to the reduction of costs and waste through continuous updates of the technologies adopted keeping in mind the importance of the work environment as well as the surrounding environment and with the knowledge that the simplest ideas are those that are able to leave their mark and generate things that last over time.
Thanks to its flexibility and dynamism, the company is able to adapt quickly to various needs and is ready to satisfy the most demanding customer requests, providing targeted answers and offering a technologically advanced and high quality standard product. The continuous investments in R & D allow STUDIO 1 Automazioni Industriali s.r.l. to be always close to the needs of customers, to ride the changes of the market and to test themselves with new technical solutions.

A company founded
in 1984

The company was founded in 1984 as a design studio for automatic machines and in 1990 it became a manufacturer of machines and automatic plants for the industry. This confirmation chronology of the company, constantly oriented towards growth, technological development and the search for quality. Based on its experience and commitment, it has continued to grow over time and has taken a leading position in the field of industrial automation design and construction, thanks also to its flexibility and vocation for research and the development of new solutions.


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